Tuition & Tuition Adjustment

Affordable Tuition 

The Upper Valley Waldorf School is dedicated to serving families drawn and committed to Waldorf education. Our tuition adjustment program supports this goal by making the School more accessible to families of varying economic backgrounds. UVWS demonstrates this commitment by allocating a sizeable share of the annual budget to need based support. During the application process, the needs and well-being of the school and the family are balanced to determine the family’s contribution. We are a non-profit entity that supports itself through tuition, grants, and development efforts. Although our funds are limited, we are dedicated to offering a tuition adjustment to as many eligible families as possible.

Information regarding our Tuition Adjustment Program is available through the Admissions Director at (802) 296-2496 ext. 302.  For instructions on how to fill out an application for tuition adjustment please click here.

If you already have an account set up with School and Student Service go to: School and Student Service and log in.  The UVWS School Code is 2207.


Annual Tuition for 2019-2020:

Parent/Child Program $28/day (50% sibling discount)
Nursery (3-day) $6,307*

Nursery (4-day)

Kindergarten (4-day)



Kindergarten (5-day) $8,585*

Grades 1-5

Grades 6-8 $17,126

Afternoon Program


See Schedule of Fees below


* Eligible for the VT Act 166 Pre-K Subsidy:  $3,356 for 19-20 School Year

MID-YEAR ENROLLMENT:  If a student begins after the start of the school year, tuition will be prorated by the month. Subject to the availability of funds, mid-year applications for tuition adjustment will also be considered.  

Tuition is paid either annually in June or in monthly installments processed by Facts Tuition Management.

Full schedule of all program tuitions and fees (includes afternoon program, etc.)