Tuition & Tuition Adjustment


Annual Tuition for 2018-2019:

Parent/Child Program $26/day (50% sibling discount)
Nursery (3-day) $5,760

Nursery (4-day)

Kindergarten (4-day)



Kindergarten (5-day) $7,840

Grades 1-5

Grades 6-8 $15,640
Afternoon Program See Schedule of Fees below

MID-YEAR ENROLLMENT:  If a student begins after the start of the school year, tuition will be prorated by the month. Subject to the availability of funds, mid-year applications for financial aid may also be considered for qualifying new students.  

Full schedule of all program tuitions and fees (includes afternoon program, etc.)

Tuition is paid either annually in June or in monthly installments processed by Facts Tuition Management

The Upper Valley Waldorf School seeks to develop a culturally and economically diverse student body. Approximately 45%  of families at UVWS receive a tuition adjustment, which is based on financial need and kept confidential.

How Awards Are Made

UVWS uses FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment as the departure point in the analysis for determining tuition adjustment. In order for a family to have its application for tuition adjustment considered, the parents should submit an online application.  To access the application, please click here.

Information related to tuition adjustment requests is available through the Admissions Director at (802) 296-2496 ext. 302.