Tuition & Financial Aid


Annual Tuition (for 2014-2015):

Parent/Child Program $25/week (50% sibling discount)
Nursery (3-day) $5,100
Kindergarten (4-day) $6,250
Kindergarten (5-day) $6,950
Grades 1-5 $12,515
Grades 6-8 $12,935
Afternoon Program See Schedule of Fees below

MID-YEAR ENROLLMENT:  If a student begins after the start of the school year, tuition will be prorated by the month. Subject to the availability of funds, mid-year applications for financial aid may also be considered for qualifying new students.

Full schedule of all program tuitions and fees (includes afternoon program, etc.)

Financial Aid

UVWS committed to providing financial aid to families, current and newly admitted, who would not be able to receive the benefits of a Waldorf Education without it. Financial aid is awarded according to demonstrated financial need on the part of the family and the limitations of our overall financial aid budget. We are not able to award any full scholarships.  Approximately 35% of the families in our school receive financial aid.

How Awards Are Made

UVWS uses the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) branch of the Education Testing Service in Princeton as the departure point in the analysis for awarding grants. In order for a family to have its application for financial aid reviewed by the UVWS Financial Aid Committee, the parents should submit a Parents’ Financial Aid Form to SSS.

Information related to Financial Aid requests is available through the Admissions Director at (802) 296-2496 ext. 11.

UVWS Financial Aid Program Description