Tuition Assistance Fund

UVWS is committed to offering a Waldorf Education that is as accessible as possible to all who seek it. For that reason, the school awards more than $315,000 in tuition assistance every year. While the majority of that total comes directly from the school’s operating budget, a growing percentage is supported by the Tuition Assistance Fund (TAF). Gifts to the TAF currently cover 25% of the total financial aid awarded each year, though we hope that someday the Tuition Assistance Fund will fully fund tuition assistance awards. The TAF thereby strengthens our ability to meet the needs of our families of students in the grades and the last year of kindergarten.

     Tacy Neri Tuition Fund

The Tacy Neri Tuition Fund (TNTF), a sub-fund of the TAF, was established in 2006 in memory of our beloved early childhood teacher and UVWS founding parent Tacy Neri.  It extends tuition assistance awards to families of the youngest children in our school, those in Nursery and Kindergarten, who do not qualify for assistance already provided by the existing UVWS Tuition Assistance policy.


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