UVWS Capital Campaign Updates


Capital Campaign Update ~ NOW IS THE TIME!

Two years ago when I joined the UVWS community as a teacher and parent, I sensed that the school had reached a point of strength and maturity in its biography. It is upon this strength that we are now able to grow our physical space, thus deepening our ability to offer our students the fullness of Waldorf Education. Please join me and my family in contributing to this 50/50 Challenge. Every gift counts!                                                                                                                 ~Amy Fredland (7th Grade teacher)


50/50 Challenge!

We have 50 days to raise $50,000 in order to receive an additional $50,000*

towards our Capital Campaign Project!

(*Gratitude for this matching gift goes to the Byrne Foundation)

How can you help?

  • Write a check or make a gift of stocks (gift envelopes available in the front entry)
  • Fill out a pledge card (available in the front entry)
  • Make a gift online
  • Share this wonderful opportunity with your extended family


The Numbers:

  • We have raised $2,301,628 towards our project goal of $2,500,000
  • We need to raise $198,372 by June 1, 2017
  • 100% participation is the goal


Project News ~ Our campus expansion begins very soon!

During the week of April 10, expect to see contractors here as the work starts with…the removal of the trailer!


Our faculty, staff and board members, have all been working through ideas and plans for who would move where to accommodate Grade 5 and Handwork after the trailer leaves our campus. Considering many options and looking for the simplest, least disruptive solution for the students we have decided that:

-    Grade 7* (Amy Fredland’s class of six students) will move to Christine Scherding’s office in the Farmhouse.        

A well lit, first floor option, closest to the main school building and most importantly approved as a     temporary space for students through emergency services. 

-   Grade 5* (Katy Larson’s class) will join the rest of the grades and move into the current Grade 7 classroom.

-   Handwork materials will be moved to the Grade 7 classroom (coatroom), and handwork classes will be held in each classroom.

-   Anne Parent, HR/Finance Director, will move to the front office and Christine Scherding, Administrative Director, will move to Anne Parent’s current office – upstairs farmhouse.

 *Parents in Grade 5 and Grade 7 were informed through their class teacher this week.


We appreciate the flexibility of all as we embark on this fabulous project for UVWS!

Our message is ~

Please pardon our appearance during construction


Please join others at this monumental time for our campus and Waldorf Education in the Upper Valley by making a contribution today!

Questions? Suggestions?  We invite you to contact:

-   Jenny McKenna, Development Director

-   Amy Morel, Chair, Capital Campaign Committee

-   Christine Scherding, Administrative Director

-   Carolyn Umpleby, Faculty, Steering Committee Member

-   Melanie Sheehan, Chair, UVWS Board of Trustees, Steering Committee Member 


Updates from the Steering Committee re: Campus Project

The Steering Committee has continued to meet regularly, at least on a weekly basis. 

 Highlights from our meetings are: 

  • We have officially signed a  3-year lease agreement with the Ottauquechee School for use of the adjacent land, just beyond fire gate. Our hope is that we will be able to create additional parking, but for now we will use the area as a safe place for construction staging and overflow parking when possible. In the event that we get a longer term lease at the end of the 3 years, we would welcome the opportunity to construct an additional parking lot.   
  • Our application for a zoning permit, which is necessary for and applies to moving our entire project forward, has been accepted and a hearing date has been set. You will notice the sign of notice posted (see the red “P”) attached to the garage at the bottom of the hill with details.
  • We are beginning the project bidding process, whereby subcontractors provide a bid price for work to be done on the project. Our project manager will be reviewing these bids on behalf of UVWS and in collaboration with BreadLoaf, our design build firm. This will help us to put real numbers to our projections and to create the final project budget.     
  • The modular grade 5 classroom and handwork room is slated to leave campus prior to the end of school year. The faculty has been diving deeply into how they will plan for this change to finish out the school year and begin our next school year. Considerations of which students/programs will move where with the least amount of disruption in underway. A plan and communication is forthcoming to families who will be directly impacted.


This is a very exciting time for our school and ‘real time’ decisions are happening now for the future our campus. Thank you to all who have so generously contributed to the project to date. If you have been waiting to support this capital campaign, your contribution now (which can be pledged across a 1-3 year period) will have direct impact on the decisions that we need to make relative to budget projections. Your investment in this project makes an impact beyond an expanded campus. This project shores up the future for UVWS which does our part locally for Waldorf Education as a global movement in education. 

~ The SC




What has been happening? 

What has been happening since our last public launch in October?

The Steering Committee has held weekly meetings and plans have become refined through the Design Development phase. UVWS Project Manager~Michael Bruss, UVWS Campus Planning Chair~ Joseph Morel, and BreadLoaf Architect~Chris Huston continue to support this process. The SC, working side by side with the Capital Campaign Committee, continues to assure that we are aligning project costs with the realities of fund raising. In December, the SC brought project and fundraising updates to the Board of Trustees.  The Board discussed the potential for incurring debt, if needed, to meet the project budget. Given our current debt (~ $500,000) and slim margins in the annual operating budget, the Board agreed that any borrowing would not be prudent at this point. Therefore, a conservative fiscal approach became an underlying principal for project development moving forward.

In early January, with more information about the estimated project costs and fundraising potential, the Board voted to reduce the total project cost from $2.86 million to $2.5 million. To this end, the CC Steering Committee worked diligently for cost savings through a process known as Value Engineering (VE). This process creates a list of items that could be eliminated. As we go through the bidding process in February, costs will become more refined and there may be another opportunity to assess the scope of the project. Michael Bruss, our Project Manager, is continually monitoring the budget and is confident that our project can be managed, even with a possibility to add back items on the VE list.

The largest impact to a reduced project scope is that the administrative “suite”, shown as a renovation of the current grade 2/4 classrooms, will be deferred for a later time or only partially completed. Other subtle “tweaks” being negotiated include: how much / little the main entrance canopy can be done, windows that look “through” entrance vestibule and end of the new building corridor. If you are interested in more details, please reach out to any one of us on the Steering Committee. Rest assured that the budget is being monitored closely and we are dedicated to making sure that we get as much done as possible with the funds raised.

Please, if you have not had a chance to meet with the Capital Campaign Committee (Jenny McKenna, Development Director is the contact) about your thoughts / ideas / contributions to this project, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible. The more we know, the more we can plan for.

Your partners in building our UVWS community,

Capital Campaign Steering Committee